I am so excited to announce that the boutique will be opening its doors once again on Friday 19th June! I am so excited to see you all and to get back to spending my day surrounded by gorgeous wedding dresses and beautiful brides.

I can’t wait to welcome you all to the boutique, I know so many of you have been patiently waiting for Champagne & Charlotte to reopen! We are fortunate that we have always worked on an appointment only basis where each bride gets exclusive use of the boutique and I lock the door. I have now put lots of extra plans in place to ensure your safety whilst you visit us and have done everything I can to still make your appointment as magical as possible! Just so you have an idea of what to expect, here is our updated procedure:

At the moment, and until restrictions are eased, you can bring one special guest with you and I am more than happy for you to bring a device to video call anyone else at any point during the appointment. If you could make sure your guest knows about the following guidelines too, I would be really appreciative. There is a chance that social distancing guidelines may change between now and your appointment and if this affects the number of guests you can bring, I will be in touch to update you. 

I have extended the amount of time between appointments so there will be no overlap. Please arrive to your appointment as close to the booked time as possible (not early or late!) in order to allow me to adequately clean and sanitise the boutique between brides so I can keep you all safe. 

Once you enter the boutique, I will ask both you and your guest to sanitise your hands before we go and have our (socially distanced) chat so I can hear all about your wedding plans! To minimise the number of dresses handled, we will go and choose the dresses together but please stand back and don’t touch the samples. (This also goes for all our sparkly accessories and shoes. You can absolutely try them, I just need to keep an eye on what is touched so I can give it an extra thorough clean afterwards!) I will get any dresses out that you would like to look at and you can select the dresses you would like to try on. I’m getting excited about being back in the boutique just writing this!! 

When we are in the fitting room, I will wear a mask whilst helping you in and out of each dress. I know how hard it would be to get a real image of how you look whilst wearing a mask and as you have your back to me whilst I clip, zip and button you in, I am leaving it optional for you. I will provide disposable masks in the fitting room if you would like to wear one or you are more than welcome to bring your own. I just ask that you keep your back to me whilst I am within 2 metres of you! Once you are in the dress and I have opened the curtain, I will move away so you can move freely and look from all angles.

Other than when I am in the fitting room with you, we will keep our 2m distance at all times. There will be multiple hand sanitising points throughout the shop and if you would like to wash your hands, please just let me know. I will be hand sanitising throughout your appointment and all dresses will be thoroughly sanitised before you arrive and after you leave. This also goes for the seating area, fitting room, door handles etc. All touch points will be addressed. If you have any questions at all about all this, please send them my way. I’m doing everything I can to make the boutique as clean and safe as possible for you whilst still providing you with a special and memorable dress shopping experience! 

Charlotte x

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