Champagne & Charlotte 2.0


I can’t believe it’s nearly been one whole year since we got the keys to our new boutique space. If I’m honest, I was absolutely terrified to make the big move from our old boutique. I knew we had outgrown it but after the crazy year we’d had with lockdowns and so many postponed weddings, it was so scary to make any big changes in such unpredictable times. We initially planned to renovate over Christmas and reopen for appointments at the end of January but lockdown meant that we weren’t actually allowed to open the new boutique until April. This did allow us to take our time but it also meant more time for me to question every decision and agonise over whether you would all like it or not!

However, after months of sleepless nights and worry, I can hand on heart say it was the best decision I ever made! Hearing how much you love the new boutique makes all the stress completely worth it. I’m so proud of it. After years of helping brides find their dress, I felt I had a pretty good sense of what you would love! I wanted to create somewhere really special to say YES to your dream dress. For us, finding your dress isn’t just about the dress (although that’s obviously VERY important) but it’s also about creating memories you will cherish for years to come. To give you an experience that makes you feel like the absolute superstar that you are and that means giving you a gorgeous space to spend your time with us.

After everything we were all going through with the Covid, I just wanted each and every bride to step through the boutique doors into another world. Somewhere magical where you could forget all about the stress and just spend a few hours letting us make you feel amazing. And I think we managed it! We’ve had the most incredible feedback and every single time I walk through the door in the morning, I genuinely fall in love all over again!

The new boutique was definitely designed with all my brides in my mind. You absolutely inspired me. It’s so special and glamorous but it’s also so much fun and relaxed and comfortable. If you haven’t visited us yet, what are you waiting for?! Give us a call on 01237 237210 or send an email to with any questions or to get booked in. We can’t wait to welcome you!!

C x

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