Real Bride - Jade - in Stephanie Allin at Hallsannery

I have some beautiful photos to share with you today of our absolutely stunning Champagne & Charlotte real bride, Jade. Jade wore the sensational crepe wedding dress, Vania, by Stephanie Allin for a relaxed, elegant winter wedding at the Bideford, Devon, wedding venue, Hallsannery.

Jade accompanied her incredible Stephanie Allin dress with a sparkly pair of Freya Rose ‘Chandelier’ heels and a simple waterfall veil from The Couture veil – all from Champagne & Charlotte Bridal. The bridesmaids wore mixed styles of Maid to Measure bridesmaid dresses in dove grey. (Also from our Bideford boutique).

Despite it being her very first wedding dress appointment, Jade had a very good idea of what would suit her before stepping through the door of the boutique. In fact, Jade picked out her dress, Vania, as the one she thought she’d end up choosing by browsing our instagram pages before the boutique had even opened in 2016! However, I was determined to give Jade the full wedding dress shopping Champagne & Charlotte experience that I am so proud of. We picked out a variety of different dresses and Jade found another Stephanie Allin dress that she loved before we even got to Vania (which I sneakily saved until last)! Once Vania was off the hanger though and we slipped on the silk lined gown, we could tell this was definitely the one for her. We laughed because after quite a long time in the dress, I ended up having to chase Jade around the fitting room as she didn’t want to take it off. Exactly the way you feel when you’ve found The One!! Enough chatting, here are the photos. If you’d like any information about anything you see in the photos please get in touch. Just give us a ring on 01237 237210, send an email to or use the contact form to send us a message.

It’s also worth noting that if you love the look of Stephanie Allin’s incredible wedding dresses, we have a designer weekend coming up on 20th and 21st July. There will be 10% off all orders and exclusive appointments for every bride! C x

Jade-Rob-288-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-128-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-107-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-509-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-333-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-280-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-272-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-254-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-243-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-136-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-116-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-106-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-097-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-088-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-084-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill Jade-Rob-020-hallsannery-house-devon-wedding-photographer-rebecca-roundhill


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