Ivory and Co.

Women have worn tiaras over the centuries as a mark of beauty and a symbol of elegance.  Ivory & Co. is dedicated to continuing this tradition, offering a stunning range of headpieces and jewellery to brides all over the world.

  • All headpieces and jewellery are plated with either real silver, 14K gold or rhodium.
  • Only the highest quality stones are used in each design.
  • Real freshwater pearls are used or in the case of imitation – only the best quality; natural lustre man-made pearls (made using glass for a realistic weight and appearance.
  • Every accessory is made following the traditions of jewellery craftsmanship; designs are forged, hand crafted and stones set by hand by an experienced and skilled technical team

When designing each piece, attention to detail extends to the comfort of the tiaras and headbands.  Ivory & Co. accessories are designed to be completely comfortable as well as beautiful. Tiaras are made to one size, however have some flexibility is in-built to fit all head shapes easily.