Handling Wedding Dress Shopping Nerves

After meeting some absolutely lovely brides since I opened my fabulous Bideford bridal boutique, one thing I have come to see more than anything is how nervous a lot of brides are when they first come in to the shop. Looking for your perfect wedding dress should be exciting and fun, the last thing I would ever want is someone to leave the shop feeling overwhelmed and disheartened. So, I thought I would put together a quick list of tips and tricks to help you calm your nerves and get the most out of your appointment.

  • Research:

Coming to a look for a wedding dress for the first time can be overwhelming, you have no idea what will suit you or how the dresses will look when they’re on a real person. It’s also worth noting that so many times, brides decide on a dress that is completely different to what they first imagined they would choose. Having said that, having an idea of what you actually like in a wedding dress is really helpful. If you hate sparkle, you’re probably not going to want a gown covered head to toe in sequins (although that does sound kind of amazing!). Pinterest, instagram and wedding magazines are great ways of doing a bit of research prior to your appointment and even if you don’t end up with what you like in these pictures, it gives a starting point for your appointment.

  • Keep an open mind:

I know I just wrote about how important it is to know what you do and don’t like, however, a wedding dress is very different to our every day clothing so it’s very hard to imagine what shape and style will suit you. Keeping an open mind about trying the different shapes is crucial. Not only will it help you narrow down which ones do suit you so that you can focus your search, it also stops those dreaded ‘I’ve bought my dress but I didn’t try on any Princess gowns, maybe that would’ve looked nice…’ thoughts!

  • Keep guests to a minimum:

Shopping for your wedding dress is a big deal and I would never say to anyone, ‘No, you absolutely cannot bring your Aunt Mildred with you because that would mean you’re bringing 4 guests and that is simply not allowed!!’ However, I would strongly recommend trying to bring no more than 3 people with you to your appointment. As I mentioned earlier, for many brides, this is quite an overwhelming experience, and do you know what makes it worse? Lots of different people with different opinions about what they think you should wear on your special day! This can be really confusing and makes it difficult to ascertain how you actually feel about each dress. This also applies to your gorgeous children. I am always happy to accommodate your children in the boutique, however, it can be very distracting for you on a day that is meant to be focused on you and should be a considered an exclusive grown up treat! Repeating what I’ve written in my FAQs:

“We want everyone to leave the boutique with amazing memories of their experience; with a few very important people accompanying you, your appointment will be so much more enjoyable and you will be confident that you have chosen a dress that YOU love!”

  • Ignore the Size!:

This is a biggie. Please, please, please do not pay attention to the size of the dresses. The dresses in the bridal industry are almost always on the (incredibly) small side! Ignoring the size also applies to when you’re looking through the dresses choosing what to try on. I have lots of tricks to make a dress fit you so please do not worry and come to your appointment feeling reassured that there will be dresses for every shape and size.

  • Relax:

The thing I hear the most often is that a bride was so nervous before they came to the appointment but that they soon started to relax and realise the nerves weren’t necessary. This should be an enjoyable experience and, more than anything else, that it what I want to achieve in every appointment. So rest assured that when you come to the boutique you will be greeted by a bridal consultant whose main aim is to give you a fantastic experience of wedding dress shopping!

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